My Road Less Traveled

Traveler. Teacher. Food lover. Happiness seeker.

Remembering To Be Thankful

As the holiday weekend has come to an end I am realizing that I spent a lot of time over the past few days thinking ‘What is Thanksgiving really all about?’  Thanksgiving – although technically just another calendar day to most citizens of the world … the Thursday after the third Wednesday in November – reminds […]

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To Live Happy

If you check out the ‘About Danielle’ on my sidebar, or my blurb on Twitter you’ll find the following words about me … just trying to live happy (and travel).  In my 20-something years on this earth I have too often found myself surrounded by people who aren’t content, are unhappy with their current ‘situation’, […]

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A Life of Travel is the Life for Me

Limon, Costa Rica - Balcony

Since moving home to Philadelphia I realized one thing that I’ve never quite realized before.  I’m different.  I’m different from my friends who have 9-5 jobs.  I’m different from my friends who have apartments in the city and cars and commitments and obligations.  And I’m different from other people who have those things too.  I […]

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