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Best. Day. Ever.

This past Saturday was by far the best and most perfect day I’ve had in Korea so far.  Early afternoon eight of us met up at Jagalchi Fish Market, the largest fish market in Korea, with one goal in mind – sannakji aka live octopus. Saturday was a beautiful day – probably the nicest since […]

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Indian Holi Festival in Busan

Two Sundays ago (I’m a little slow at updating) a large group of us woke up early and made the long trek to Haeundae Beach for the Indian Festival of Colors, Holi. I had never participated in anything quite like it so I was pretty pumped to see what this color-throwing holiday was all about. […]

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Week 1 – DONE!

Week one is done!  There were some points when I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I’m glad I stuck it out and finally got myself all settled in my new home for the next year. The first day was pretty rough.  Between meeting my contact teacher (Lauren), finding out what part of the city […]

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Day 1 = Total Fail

Today has sucked!  :(  I literally haven’t done anything all day.  I guess this is what desk warming is all about.  I came into school and entered the (freezing) teacher’s lounge.  There was no one around so I waited awkwardly.  Finally my contact teacher came in and was excited to see me.  I was shooed […]

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