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A Street-Food-Filled Day in Seoul

Last Sunday I spent the day exploring Seoul and eating my way through it. I started at Seoul station where I dropped off my bags in a locker (you can easily rent one for the day – a necessity when you want to walk around the city ‘stuff-free’) and set off on foot around the city.

The first stop was a street market – Namdaemun.  Filled with millions of designer fakes in everything you could possibly imagine from Louis Vuitton socks to LeSportSac bags, Namdaemun has it all.  It also has lots of food stalls and mini, tented ‘restaurants’.  We decided to forego the snails, live octopus and pigeon and instead stopped for a quick pineapple-on-a-stick snack.  At the cost of just ₩ 1,000 (about $0.85 US), it was a nice refreshing snack after a few hours of walking around the city.

My next stop was for Bubble Tea.  I can’t even explain how excited I was for this one.  I had strawberry tea … which more closely tasted like strawberry milk, which is filled with little balls of tapioca at the bottom.  I had been wanting this mysterious bubble tea for over a year (not quite sure why I still hadn’t gotten it) and was ready to finally give it a try.  The little balls of tapioca weren’t at all what I expected.  Similar to little balls of jelly (except not nearly as tasty and way more chewy), I was a little put off by the ‘bubbles’ and much more preferred the ‘tea’ on its own.  *Note:  The picture was taken before I started making funny faces at the strange texture of the tapioca.

There were also other foods that were conquered on this food filled day.  They included Hoddeok, Chicken Kebabs (₩ 3,500), Chicken on a stick (₩ 2,000), some amazing chinese food with wontons and fried rice (not pictured) and a street waffle. Here are some images of everything so you can have some idea of what I’m talking about.  And be jealous!! :)

 Hoddeok – tortilla like shell lined on the inside with a honey/sugar mixture – ₩ 1,000

Chicken Kebab – wrapped in a tortilla with lettuce, cabbage and some amazing sauces – ₩ 3,500

Waffles – with ice cream and chocolate sauce – ₩ 1,500

Keep an eye out for more food updates!  I’ve been eating a lot and taking lots of pictures that I will be sure to share soon  :)

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