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Thanksgiving in Korea!

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving, and one of the few times here in Korea where I’ve really wanted to hop on a plane and head home.  The holidays are always particularly hard, especially when it’s a holiday that brings home old friends, brings family together and provides some pretty freaking awesome food. This year, however, […]

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How to Pack for a Year Abroad

Packing sucks. Packing for a year sucks even worse. Trying to compress your life and belongings into two fifty pound suitcases is a challenge to say the least. Add to that, four seasons. Sounds impossible right? It kind of is. I’ve now packed for long term (6 months or more of living abroad) more than […]

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Busan Fireworks Festival Awesomeness

October 26-28, 2012 marked the 8th anniversary of the Busan Fireworks Festival.  A weekend of activities at and around Gwangalli beach, the fireworks festival was something I’ve been looking forward to since finding out I’d be living in Busan.  The weekend started off a little shaky, with the 50 minute firework show originally scheduled for […]

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