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Philippines to Singapore

Leaving the Philippines feels weird. One week ago I wouldn’t have been ready to go if you had told me my flight was going to be changed to leave earlier. I don’t know what it was that drew me to the Philippines, as it isn’t usually a stop on the typical “backpackers loop”, but there was something about it that drew me there. Maybe it was that I wanted to see everything/as much as possible while I was going to be Asia, or that friends who had been had raved about it, but I cannot put into words how happy I am that it was the first stop on my journey.

My time in the Philippines couldn’t have been any better. I almost feel that it was the best and worst place to start my trip. Everything went is perfectly that I’m nervous for the hiccups that are bound to come as I continue my journey. I met people who had been traveling for 6 months and they told me that Frendz was the best hostel that they had stayed at – making me nervous that nothing will ever compare. I know that moving on is all part of the adventure, but the Philippines, and all the incredible people I met there will always hold a special place in my heart.

Highlights from the Philippines:
1. Frendz Hostel
2. Ariel’s Point aka all-you-can-drink cliff jumping
3. Rum shakes on the beach
4. Drinking on overnight bus rides
5. Island hopping
6. Dinners on the beach
7. Partying in Boracay
8. Frendz happy hours
9. Getting ridiculously tan
10. Traveling solo and not spending one day alone :)

Things I will miss most from the Philippines:
1. Frendz Hostel and their staff
2. All the people I met – particularly at Frendz
3. Ariel’s Point trips aka all-you-can-drink cliff jumping
4. Turquoise waters
5. Putting on a bathing suit when I wake up every day
6. $2 bottles of rum
7. Mango rum shakes with the $2 bottles of rum
8. Waking up with nothing to do but sit on a beach
9. Overlooking Bacuit Bay in El Nido in the nests at The Alternative
10. Being able to walk everywhere in the beach towns

Part of me, however, is ready for the next adventure. My last shower in the Philippines was a hot one. My first hot shower in 3 weeks. Yes, it was nice, but I’ve adjusted to the cold “backpacker” showers. I am looking forward to some air conditioning – even though I’ve gotten used to be sweaty and covered in sand for the past 3 weeks, it would be nice to remember what cold feels like. I’m excited to see skyscrapers, a big, clean city, and to eat the supposedly incredible food in Singapore. Leaving a place you love is bittersweet, but the prospect of adventure and something new is calling my name am I’m ready for it.

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