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Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was the first time I’ve had to leave a place and move on to my next destination. When I decided to do the solo traveler thing I had no idea it would be so easy to meet people. One minute your strangers and the next minute you’re friends. We all have at least one commonality – a love of travel – so there’s always something to chat about and it just goes from there. What I really didn’t anticipate though, was how hard it would be to leave these people.

During my 10 days in Boracay there were several other people saying in my hostel that were there for the entire duration of my stay, or at least close to it. We had spent 10 days partying together, eating together and going to the beach together, and in backpacking time that’s an eternity. I couldn’t have imagined how hard it would be when they weren’t there anymore, or when I wasn’t. I wasn’t prepared for this part of the journey. Since I’m traveling alone, every new place I head to I have to start over. There is some excitement in it but I wished my new friends would be there to share it.

Facebook does make it easier to keep in touch and keep tabs on where everyone is headed but the reality is that I’ll most likely never see most of these people again. I’m looking forward to crossing paths with people who come and go further into my trip but for now, I guess I’ll have to get used to goodbyes … I just hope it gets easier.

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