My Road Less Traveled

Traveler. Teacher. Food lover. Happiness seeker.

All About Danielle ♥

I’m a 20-something girl who’s just trying to live happy and travel. I love new adventures, trying new things, taking advantage of the world we live in, getting lost and eating.

I’m currently living in Busan, South Korea, teaching English to elementary school students. My road less traveled has brought me here after having spent a year teaching in an elementary school in Madrid, Spain.

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, went to a party school in Florida, worked in the corporate world for two years and now I’m exploring the world.

Why do you travel? This question can be more completely answered in my A Life of Travel is the Life For Me blog post, but mainly because, why not? We live in a big world. A really big world. There are millions of places to discover, countless foods to try about about 4 billion people that I could possibly meet. I couldn’t help but feel that living in Philadelphia held me back from really living my life, so I decided a life on the road is a life for me.

How do you afford to travel? Number one – I am not rich. For the past two years I have been supporting myself by teaching English. I am a huge fan of budget travel and am pretty savvy when it comes to finding deals on the internet. I would more describe myself as a person living abroad instead of a sole traveler, but for me, I get the best of both worlds.

Where have you been? You can find a more complete list of my travels, but here’s the low down. I’ve traveled briefly to Guatemala, El Salvador, The Bahamas, St. Lucia and Jamaica, with longer stays in Costa Rica and Panama. In September 2010 I made my way to Madrid, and from there I’ve been to Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and Morocco. I never in million years would’ve thought that I’d get to live this life but now I can’t imagine it any other way. Check out the information below to learn a little more about me.

Things I Like: Eating, exploring, beaches, meeting new people, checking in with my family, learning new things, reading blogs, trying new foods, taking pictures of myself trying new foods, shopping, doing adventurous(ey) things, trying (almost) everything once, having fun and living without regrets.