My Road Less Traveled

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Check out the slide shows below for food images from my travels!  Use the ‘All Categories’ button on the bottom left to browse between albums!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!!


Food Finds Around Korea

Lots of pictures of street food, foreign food and everything in between

[img src=]1270Chicken Kebab from Petra Palace - Seoul
[img src=]330Baked Chicken Tortialla Wrap
[img src=]260Shrimp Fried Rice, Fried Egg and Seaweed
[img src=]240Apple bun from Paris Baguette
[img src=]230Banana bread in the rice cooker
[img src=]40Completed 'Rice Cooker Banana Bread'
[img src=]90Noodles with potatoes and kimchi
[img src=]130Pasta Carbonara from Pasta Mama in Nampo-dong
[img src=]80Dumpling soup
[img src=]50Massive dumplings
[img src=]80Burger from Breeze Burns
[img src=]50Chinese chicken
[img src=]50Kebab in Seoul
[img src=]60Tripe (stomach lining) side dish
[img src=]50Fish and Chips from Fresh Fries in Busan
[img src=]110Amazing Margherita Pizza
[img src=]160Spaghetti Carbonara


Snapshots of sides and BBQ

Metal Tray Lunches

Photos of school lunches ... a little insides to my daily eats!