My Road Less Traveled

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A Quick Trip to Java

Yogyakarta, a town on the island of Java in Indonesia, is a place most backpackers I had talked to had never even heard of. As most tourists opt to head straight down to Bali, the Indonesia hot spot on every backpackers list, I made Yogya (as it’s more commonly known), a priority for my trip. […]

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Alone in Singapore

After 20 days of traveling, I’ve finally, for once, been alone. It may be because I’m in a city, or that I’m not in the best hostel, but either way I look at it, I’ve been alone for the past 3 days; and it kind of sucks. Coming from the Philippines, (where I was surrounded […]

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I heart Boracay

I’m writing this in a shitty van, driving through the Philippine countryside from Caticlan to Kalibo. This 2 hour ride feels like it’s taking forever, with all the winding, bumps and my mild hangover. I finally pried myself away from Boracay and I’m moving on to El Nido. I have a long travel day ahead […]

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Why Korea?

So I’m sure you’re wondering why Korea?  I keep asking myself the same question. When I first moved to Europe I thought it was a big step.  I was taking the leap and crossing ‘the pond’.  However, it didn’t turn out exactly as I thought it would. Before I knew it, Madrid and Europe progressively […]

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