My Road Less Traveled

Traveler. Teacher. Food lover. Happiness seeker.

Alone in Singapore

After 20 days of traveling, I’ve finally, for once, been alone. It may be because I’m in a city, or that I’m not in the best hostel, but either way I look at it, I’ve been alone for the past 3 days; and it kind of sucks. Coming from the Philippines, (where I was surrounded […]

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A Street-Food-Filled Day in Seoul

Last Sunday I spent the day exploring Seoul and eating my way through it. I started at Seoul station where I dropped off my bags in a locker (you can easily rent one for the day – a necessity when you want to walk around the city ‘stuff-free’) and set off on foot around the […]

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New page! New pictures!

I added a new page to my site today!  If you look at the top right you will now see a “Food, Food & More Food!” tab.  Under this section you will find pictures of just that … food!  I’m a big fan of trying new foods, and of course, taking pictures of them!  Whether […]

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