My Road Less Traveled

Traveler. Teacher. Food lover. Happiness seeker.

I’m going to BUSAN!

So, it’s official!  I’m going to be teaching English in BUSAN!!!  The second largest city in South Korea, with a whopping population of close 4 million people is where I will spent the next year of my life.  I found about the news a little over a month ago and (in true procrastinator fashion) have just gotten […]

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A Life of Travel is the Life for Me

Limon, Costa Rica - Balcony

Since moving home to Philadelphia I realized one thing that I’ve never quite realized before.  I’m different.  I’m different from my friends who have 9-5 jobs.  I’m different from my friends who have apartments in the city and cars and commitments and obligations.  And I’m different from other people who have those things too.  I […]

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